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These are classes of insurance made compulsory by law frequently with the objective of providing protection to third parties and the general public. 

The following types of Insurance are compulsory in Nigeria

(under the Insurance Act 2003 & under the Lagos State Building Control Law 2010) This policy will indemnify you as owner/operator of a building under construction (where more than two floors are envisaged) against all sums which you shall become legally liable to pay as damages consequent upon: o Death, bodily injury to or illness of employees/site workers or the principal or other parties (whether fatal or not) o Accidental loss of or damage to property belonging to third parties.

(under the Insurance Act 2003 and Lagos State Law) It provides compensation in events of bodily injury, death and property damage to the business users and members of the public in the event of building collapse, fire, earthquakes, storm or flood.

The policy provides compensation (defence costs and any damages awarded for legal liability) in the event resulting in death, disability or injury by shock arising specifically from negligence, errors or mistake, omission or failure of a practitioner to exercise the required standard of care for the protection of his/her patient.

Every employer of labour with three or more employees/personnel is required to obtain a life assurance policy to cover his staff for a defined benefit payable in the event of bodily injury, death or disablement whilst still in service.